Local Talk are a Swedish label that to many fans of house music needs little in the way of an introduction. Playing an important role in the careers of artists such as HNNY and Crackazat, the label has released many outstanding tracks, and worked with everyone from Soulphiction to Terrence Parker.

One of the label’s most popular artists is Art Of Tones who along with numerous Local Talk releases has also worked with other imprints such as Lazy Days Music, Defected and 20/20 Vision.

With a prolific output of such a consistently high standard many do not realise that Art Of Tones has never released a solo artist album, but with this new LP on Local Talk that is soon to change.

Investing blood, sweat and tears Art Of Tones has invested many hours into this debut album release, which is not just a selection of club tracks, but a storytelling piece of music where each track compliments the others.

The opening cut “ProleÌgomeÌnes” welcomes you into the project with jokes about sampling, showing a light-hearted attitude to the fact samples make up a large percentage of this warm and jazzy album.

After the enticing intro track comes the funk-filled and familiar style of house that Art Of Tones fans both love and respect, with upbeat melodies and infectious grooves it’s fair to say this release is a real feel good mood lifter.

Tracks like “A Comfort Zone” and “Keep On Having Fun” also remind us of Art Of Tones’ eclectic style leaning more towards hip hop and disco to break up the overall sound, and make it a complete listening experience spanning a variety of genres.

With touches of gospel, funk, soul and jazz this album of a melting pot of styles that with house music at its core, showcasing Art Of Tones to be one the most talented guys out there right now. Although it’s primarily made with home listening in mind all the tracks on this album would also rock a dance floor!





– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Senior Editor