Animal & ME is an artist from Paris who loves to layer up rich atmospheres on top of house end minimal grooves. Here he does so again on the FORM Music label with four more compelling cuts. They are solo efforts following collabs with the likes of POPOF and brimming with goodness. 

Messiah is the opener and has wooden hits draped over broad bass stokes. Its wavy and mid tempo and really gets you under its spell. Pareidolia is more unsettling, with long pads and sirens all setting a nervous tone as the drums drive on into he unknown. Third Eye keeps you on your toes with sweeping synths and metallic hits that speak of urban isolation and last of all Signs has melodic bass and soft drums all workmen you into a groove that travels deep into a cosmic universe. These are four tracks stuff with real feeling.  

Listen to a preview here:

Pareidolia EP is out now! Buy it here: