Longtime friend and chief engineer of the Desert Hearts family Andreas Henneberg brings his production chops back to the label today with ‘No Communication.’

The two-tracker commences on a quirky note, with Hennberg imbuing off kilter synth effects and distinctive vocal clips into a grooving foundation. ‘Carolina’ takes the themes set in place with ‘No Communication’ but adds tensity in its build, making for a darker, but equally fun record. Both pieces have been spun throughout Desert Hearts TV sessions, to positive reactions from fans.

Andreas’ legacy with Desert Hearts stretches back for the better part of the past decade. Upon his debut at the brand’s flagship festival in 2015, both parties realized they were two proverbial peas in the pod. Henneberg has since heavily supported the label, lending his mastering talents to each release, and providing plenty of records like the aforementioned ‘No Communication’ to the label.

His work with Desert Hearts is just a small piece of the Henneberg puzzle. He’s an audio engineer to many of the scene’s biggest stars, including Dubfire and Sharam. In his earlier days, he crafted dance music hits for many a renowned DJ. Henneberg also runs his own label, Snoe.