n the past few years ‘Amine Edge & DANCE’ & ‘Tough Love’ have set stable foundations in their respective careers. Combining together “The Perfect Love” EP shows off their love for not only hip hop, big bass lines & crunchy percussion, but also their love affair with timeless house music. A project that has been 2 years in the making, but has without a doubt been worth the wait. Perfect Love (Part1) is as timeless as it gets, a throw back to yesteryear with cute female vocals balanced against a progressing organ and a rumbling bass melody. A perfect love indeed. Perfect Love (Part2) is the darker, dirtier sister of Part 1. It typifies both Tough Love & Amine Edge & Dance’s love for jaw shattering baselines. Perfect for the club & big basement rooms. This track is sure to find some heavyweight support. Featuring Get Twisted Records artist Nastaly, “Heels In A House Rave” is a track inspired by the UK house scene that has served both duo’s so well. Fast paced from start to finish, with ear candy throughout, the urge to dance to this track is immense. In typical fashion the French duo produce an original that typifies there sound in ‘The Eight, The O, The Mother Fuckin Eight’. If big booty were a genre this would be it. Tough Love have approached the remix of ‘The Eight, The O, The Mother Fuckin Eight’ in a lighter fashion, offering a more soulful twist to the track, perfect for a beach or terrace party.


Artist:  Amine Edge & Dance vs. Tough Love
Title:  The Perfect Love
Label:  Get Twisted Records
Catalog No.:  GTR016