Ambient Maestros Thomas Lemmer and Oine release their debut album ‘One Vision’ today, February 23, on Sine Music. The talented pairing has turned heads in recent months with the releases of their collaborative singles like ‘Drift‘ or ‘Inner Force‘. With their soothing, yet intricate sound design they have quickly made a name for themselves in the electronic ambient scene and their continuous pursuit of producing perfection has culminated in ‘One Vision’.

Thomas Lemmer’s and Oine’s talents are a match made in heaven. Oine’s mastery of different genres and ability to weave complex, atmospheric sound tapestries pairs beautifully with Thomas Lemmer’s virtuos piano and producing excellence. Their collaborative efforts are defined by an emotional mix of traditional and experimental musical design and the duo moves through the spheres of Melodic, Deep and Ambient with playful ease.

Every track on ‘One Vision’ is a testament to Thomas Lemmer’s and Oine’s namesake vision. With Oine being Madrid based and Thomas Lemmer’s living in Germany, the duo has worked remotely on the project and have thus created a new, innovative way of collaborative music production. With careful attention to detail, all 15 tracks on ‘One Vision’, including Bonus Features and guest artists, deliver what the previous single releases made fans longing for.

For their audience’s full listening pleasure, Thomas Lemmer and Oine have produced the entirety of ‘One Vision’ in Dolby Atmos, for an exceptionally immersive experience.

‘One Vision’ is a masterpiece of ambient bliss and is by all means a milestone in both Thomas Lemmer’s and Oine’s respective careers. The album holds you in a close grip and makes you yearn for more and fans can be sure that the duo will deliver this in the years to come.

Experience ‘One Vision’ for yourself today, February 23, on all major streaming platforms and in fully immersive Dolby Atmos exclusively on Apple Music & Tidal.

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