Head to Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia from 1st till 3rd of August and you will be in for one of Europe’s best festival experiences.

Lovefest is always doused in sun, has the largest pool parties in the world but also the smallest festival in the world, and some of the best names in house and techno.

There are five stages in all with food, bars, and more fun than you can possibly have in three days all on hand.

Here are 5 of the artists who made the biggest impact at this year’s edition.

Joris Voorn

The old Dutch master brought his very best. He is someone who can tease out intricate synth details on top of driving drum lines and go melodic, deep, hard, or whatever is required. He did all that and more showing both great selections as well as technical skills. So good.


The Dystopian label boss is about hypnotic sounds that are shadowy and spooky. He is a master of holding down a groove at cult places like Berghain and is someone who can achieve a lot with a little. He did that again here and managed to suit his sound to the time of day he played and really got us eating out fo the palm of his hand.

Sassy J

Sassy J is a love fuelled selection. She plays colourful sounds from across the spectrum – jazz, house, soul, funk, disco. She does so with real care in the way she teases in the tracks, suggesting new directions then going somewhere else, all with a big smile.

Seth Troxler

Seth seems to have got tired of what he had become in recent years. As such his sets these days seem more focussed and underground. He concentrates hard, but also enjoys his work and the wild reactions he gets from his crowd as he veers through trippy Detroit sounds, rolling house and wonky synths that are brilliantly colourful.

Italo Johnson

This mysterious Berlin trio has managed to keep its identity hidden despite being some of the best party starters around. Often calling on their own tunes, they known how to jack a party with big drums, standout synths and a stripped back rawness that is utterly compelling. They pulled out all that here while serving up tracks we wanted, tracks we didn’t know, and tracks we immediately fell in love with, all with our hands in the air.