Soulful Horizons welcomes label boss Zaid Abdulrahim for a standout new single entitled Maximum Curves. He hails from the New York City metro area and is known for his soulful and afro house, upbeat style and rare grooves. He has run this label since founding it in 2014 and this new one confirms once more that is is a vital imprint.

Maximum Curves is a smooth flowing tune with warm chords. The drums roll deep and colourful patterns light up the skies and gentle percussion oil the groove. Lead synth lines ring out into the night sky and have you gazing upwards as the track slowly lures you into a trance.

This is expressive and emotive house music that really makes a mark.





Artist: Zaid Abdulrahim
Title: Maximum Curves
Label: Soulful Horizons
Release Date: 2018-11-01


– jams
Jimbo James