With releases on Repopulate Mars, Desolat, Sola and CUFF, French pairing Yungness & Jaminn have joined artists like Amine Edge & DANCE by showcasing France’s best when it comes to tech house. After featuring on the first release on Cloonee’s Hellbent Records and the label’s first Various Artists release ‘Welcome To Hell’, the duo are back on the label with their two-track ‘Backroom’ EP.

The EP delivers hefty low-end frequencies, combining slick, rolling drums with heavy-hitting basslines designed for peak hours. We spoke to the pair around the release to find out how the EP came about and their plans for 2023.

Congratulations on the release of ‘Backroom’! Tell us about the two tracks on the EP?
Thanks, guys! We are so excited about the release! These tracks are really important for us, they are the beginning of a new production style that we are trying to do at the moment.
The release sees you return to Cloonee’s label Hellbent after appearing on the ‘Welcome To Hell’ VA. How does it feel to return with a full EP this time around?
We always had a goal to put an EP out on Cloonee’s label, so we worked hard to make the best tracks possible. It was not easy, but we’ve finally made it!
How does producing as a duo work? Are you mostly in the studio together?
We love working together in the studio, but sometimes we can’t because of our jobs. In this case, we exchange Ableton projects and work separately. We are on the phone literally every day, and it works perfectly for us that way.
What have been your highlights of 2022? And what should we look out for in 2023?
This year we decided to keep most of our best music for 2023. We’ll see what happens! Everything is already signed, we just have to wait…

Yungness & Jaminn ‘Backroom’ EP is out now on Hellbent Records – buy HERE.

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