Yarni & Javi return to Exploited for their third EP ‘Sakura’. Maintaining the duos leaning toward melody this EP sees them demonstrating their dynamicity with two tracks ready for the dance-floor.

Lead track ‘Sakura’ starts out with a subtle sustained bass before introducing distorted bells and field recordings made in the sakura capital of the world Tokyo! Things take an almost Balearic turn when the breakdown introduces a warm pad before an arpeggio arrives to pick the track up nicely as things kick back in!

‘Next Of Kin’ with it’s plucked instrumentation is a little experimental track which sees the duo playing with various orchestral sounds which creates an almost too beautiful atmosphere. Field recordings once again feature here blended with a driving flute melody which carries the 2nd drop nicely until the end of the track.

This EP was a surprise when we received it and clarifies that we can expect the unexpected from this new Anglo-Spanish pairing.




Artist:Yarni & Javi
Title: Sakura
Label: Exploited
Release Date: 2018-09-17



– jams
Jimbo James