Breaking into the unknown just before Christmas, we can pump up the music with a minor label that still releases hot jams! BuDDeR Records is a Brazil-based electronic label. Their Xmas 2016 EP is full of sexy tunes for dance floors. It features a variety of underground artists all from Brazil. Take a dip into sounds from our South American lovers.

Kicking Xmas off, Gioc from Maringa, who’s released on major labels like Toolroom and Cr2 Records dishes out “Subsolo” a track full of deep synths and a hint of musical charisma.  Bringing it into “Naked Fantasy” which is a track that will take you on a flight of imagination through lyrics, dark drops and captivating change by Iserhard. Gustavo Reinert collides with Double2back on “Give” which starts on the darker side transitioning into a tropical upbeat fun feel. That feel goes well with “Tough Remind” from Dropboxx and its rosy measure of sound. Xmas also brings a bass house track from “Gangtsta” by Folkz. Shank3d grows “Voices” with synth affects. We get a little different deep house mood with lyrics to sing along with out of “Don’t Make Me Wait” by Chillzone. With vibrations, it’s going to surprise you a bit with “The Feel” by Senx.  The Xmas EP finishes off with tracks from Athos Concept, Sterium, and Carlos Gizbert which are melodic, boomy, and memorable.  This Xmas 2016 is full of dope tracks in various styles. There’s something for everyone in sound with this festive EP.


Artist: Gioc, Iserhard, Gustavo Reinert, Double2back, Dropboxx, Folkz, Shank3d, Chillzone, Senx, Athos Concept, Sterium, Carlos Gizbert
Release Date:
Label: BuDDeR Records
Label:Catalog No: VAT001

XMAS 2016 BuDDeR Records

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Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor