Pillowtalk stands as one of the most influential electronic production outfits as of late, bridging the gap between classic and cutting edge within their songs, style and presence.  The San Francisco trio are setting their newest Lullaby EP free on Wolf + Lamb’s distinguished imprint, and its two forward thinking tunes will soothe your mind, body and soul.

Israeli Illustrator David Polonsky’s work acted as a muse for “Lullaby” which embraces a warm and compassionate ambiance.  Strengthened by Sammy D’s vocal sincerity and a raw, natural bassline, this dreamscape sparks a sense of wholesome reminiscence that will guide any listener through this pleasantly imaginative, musical journey.

“We All Have Rhythm” is a charmingly catchy number revolving around atmospherically melodic variance, rich string instrumentation and a love-struck harmony sure to fascinate your ears and energize your vocal chords.

Get lost in these emotive gems and PURCHASE HERE!  For all you vinyl junkies, you can order a press from various online outlets including Juno, Phonica or your local record shop!

“Follow me and sing along….” <3

Artist: Pillowtalk
Title: Lullaby EP
Label: Wolf + Lamb
Release Date: September 16th, 2013
Catalog #: WLM31