[Release]  There’s a new power couple in house music, and it’s William Medagli & Thallulah.  These two Italian love birds have been creating some fine tunes recently and we get their recent release Back No Doubt In 90 Years on KES Records.  A hip and fresh take, with a nice classic 90s feel, this record is one to keep you dancing all day and all night.  In addition to the three jammed packed tracks from William and Thallulah, there is also another original from new comer Diego Aceti which wraps this record up nicely.  This record is a great release and tribute to a classic sound that is starting to make a come back once again.  Make sure you keep your eyes out on these two because they have loads of new music coming up for us.


Artist:  William Medagli & Thallulah
Title:  Back No Doubt In 90 Years
Label:  KES Records
Catalog No.:  KES006

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