Vibrant. Colorful. Lively. All adjectives that can properly describe this LP. Boston-native Will Monotone drops his massive new 21-track release, out on Sub Society. This three year project was meticulously crafted, showcasing Monotone’s diverse range of production skills. Traveling though a vast array of genres, ‘In Colour’ takes you through a prismatic journey through sound.

The album kicks off with ‘My Needs’, an effervescent deep house groove, with alluring basslines and the sultry vocals of Sarah Escapé.  Monotone continues the party by kicking up the energy with several dance floor commanding tracks.  Inducing some late ‘90’s nostalgia, the album is brilliantly woven with vocal samples from old classics throughout, layered over sexy, heavy-hitting bass and groovy house beats. ‘Like What’ employs samples from Sisqo’s ‘Thong Song’, whereas ‘No Taxes’ evokes that funky, early ’00’s tech-house vibe, infusing electronic sounds with hip-hop cuts from NAS.  Sarah Escapé makes another dazzling appearance in ’Affection’, a track saturated with hypnotic vocals, rich melodies, crisp beats and mesmerizing progression. Monotone closes out the album with ‘Dem Mai Hoes’, a refreshing new mix of his 2012 hit production.

From bubbly tech-house sounds to deep house vibes and everything in between, this eclectic album is an all-around incredible production with mass appeal.  ‘In Colour’ will have you happily dancing ’til the sun comes up.


Artist: Will Monotone
Release Date: 2016-02-02
Label: Sub Society
Catalog No.: SSM013

Will Monotone (In Colour)