10 years post his first album Full Circle, Wehbba has announced his March release of upcoming LP ‘Straight Lines and Sharp Corners’, as his debut album contribution to Drumcode. The chart-dominating São Paulo enlisted the talents of multi-instrumentalist Thomas Gandey, Electroclash pioneer David Carretta and fellow Brazilian L-cio, with his unparalleled flute mastery, Wehbba’s energetic cuts span the spectrum of electronic music’s sonic landscape.

Wehbba commented:
“The musical references on these works trace back to the 90s, when I started listening to electronic music and had no judgement of what was cool – when I was totally free. So they represent, without any filter, what touched me, ranging from braindance to goa trance, from ambient to hard house, and from drum n’ bass through every single mutation of techno and house music.”

Wehbba – Straight Lines and Sharp Corners – Tracklist:

Prelude: Goya
Hyper Real Decadence (feat. Thomas Gandey)
Basic Pleasure
Dove Rush
Brainflex: Interlude
No Sleep
Sharpshooter (feat. David Carretta)
Second Nature
Residual Self
Coupf Of Doubt
14th To Grand Central
Digital Sunset (feat. L_cio)






– @MitchDodge
Mitch Dodge