Vudu, the club known for revolutionising the nightlife scene in Amman under the visionary guidance of Fairplay and Roo (JO), embarks on a groundbreaking journey with the launch of its label offshoot Vudu Amman.

Landing in May, their inaugural compilation album is more than just a collection of tracks; it’s a bold statement of evolution, marking Vudu’s transition from a celebrated local nightclub to an influential global music platform.

This first VA from Vudu is a curated selection that showcases the depth and diversity of the electronic music spectrum. Featuring an eclectic mix of Melodic House, Afro House, and Indie Dance, it serves as a vibrant testament to Vudu’s commitment to cultural depth and musical innovation.

At the forefront of this pioneering release are Fairplay, the Jordanian duo known for their rich, cultural soundscapes and deep, melodic rhythms. With years of experience and a passion for blending traditional Middle Eastern elements with contemporary electronic beats, Fairplay encapsulates the essence of Vudu Amman. Their contributions – along with Vudu co-founder Roo (JO) – not only anchor the compilation but also guide its artistic direction, infusing each track with a sense of journey and exploration.

How does your Jordanian heritage shape the musical textures and rhythms found in your music?

Growing up, we were big fans of electronic music, but we were also surrounded by Arabic music from our parents and our city of Amman. Arabic music naturally found its way into our style when we started making music. While we didn’t listen to Arabic music much in our youth, when we began producing, something about the scales and microtones really spoke to us and inspired us to incorporate those elements into our music.

What drives your decision to incorporate Middle Eastern instruments into your compositions, and how do you balance them with contemporary electronic elements?

Not many people were blending these sounds when we started, and we wanted to shine a light on music from the region. Our parents often suggested we sample their old Arabic favorites, which encouraged us to experiment. We kept digging for rare and different gems and decided that this fusion was one of the directions of Fairplay. Also, electronic music with Arabic elements resonates well with our audience here.

How has your sound evolved from the “Petra” EP to your recent work, and what changes have been most significant?

Our sound has matured over time. We continually aim to improve the quality of our production, and we believe this evolution is evident throughout our catalog. Our tracks now have a stronger groove, and you can distinctly hear the Fairplay sound in all of them. We particularly enjoyed working on the “Petra” EP with our long-time friend Phonique. It was a huge honor to release it on Kindisch.

How do you differentiate between the “trippy and obscure” sounds that define your productions while ensuring a coherent stylistic positioning?

It’s always a balancing act between being experimental and maintaining coherence. We try not to overdo it while still incorporating elements that resonate with us. Finding that perfect balance is an ongoing process for us.

How did hosting Kollective Music parties and founding Vudu Club in Amman shape your musical approach and contribute to the development of your distinctive sound?

When we started out in 2012, we began throwing parties under the event brand Kollective. This led us to meet Phonique for the first time when we booked him to Jordan. It was always our dream to open a club, and after Covid, we teamed up with Roo to create Vudu. Initially, it was a club, but it kept evolving, and we ended up throwing parties in the desert of Petra and other venues in Amman. Collaborating with Full Circle in Greece for events in Amman and Athens further expanded our horizons. Being exposed to so many talented artists in the club and studio helped us grow our style and learn new techniques.

In what ways did your events at Vudu Club help foster a sense of community among Jordanian electronic music fans, and how has that influenced your subsequent work and collaborations?

Our community is always growing, and we have a great crew of producers and DJs in our circle who are doing cool stuff. We also give upcoming artists a chance to play at our events and release on the label. We’re excited for upcoming releases that showcase some awesome talent like VIDI, Keena, Roo, Shami, and ourselves.

What do you hope fans take away from the compilation when listening to it?

We hope fans feel the energy and spirit of Vudu in the compilation. It represents our journey and evolution in the electronic music scene. We want listeners to experience the diversity and creativity of the artists involved and to feel a connection to the community we’ve built.

Vudu is out 23 May on Vudu Amman