The innovative Hamburg three piece touring live band, Wareika deliver an energetic and innovative full length album for Visionquests pinnacle label. Wternal! follows previous album projects on Perlon and Tartelet. For Wareika recording a track is like taking a photograph of an idea, only captured in its present form as it is in a constant flow. Through this creative process they allow their music to truly become alive, ever-changing and eternal, and so became Wternal! A magnetic reflection of their revolutionary live set, sonically daring and instrumentally traversing across the distant plains of traditional folk and Balkan-Jazz to a strange meeting with balearic soul and garden house through clever use of vintage synthesisers and dubby rhythms. The quirky trio give a salute to musical freedom and their humble beginnings through thirteen original free-flowing tracks in Wternal!. Wareikas style retains the smart intellect, depth and dynamism in composition that lesser artists can only hope to emulate. This album contains material that could previously only be heard played live and has now finally being recorded. Such as La Paloma, the most often translated and recorded song in the world that has accompanied the group for years on stages around the globe, a homage to their harbour-hometowns Hamburg and Bremerhaven.


Artist:  Wareika
Title:  Wternal
Label:  Visionquest
Catalog No.:  VQCD004

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