wAFF is about to embark onto the 3rd year of his COMUNA 13 project in Medellin, Colombia. Past event videos here.
His aim with this free event is to capture an experience and party for all the people and children who live in the COMUNA. Jon and his team do their best to get all the local sponsors involved, and other DJs to join him touring in the region. But essentially wAFF funds these entirely by himself. The opening year, YAYA and he did an amazing b2b set.
South America has a deep place in his heart, with an understaffing that locals do not have the opportunity to attend events, so offering these for free, sourcing all the team locally, and giving back to the community is what COMUNA 13 is all about.
He has really progressed from his early days in music, and now releases multiple genres of music across a big selection of labels, whilst remaining one of the biggest personalities in music who’s into spiritualism, gaming and veganism.
Alongside his DJ schedule, his label Nature is working towards doing immersive label showcases, targeting bespoke venues and unique spaces, where fans can come and be captivated by a new type of clubbing experience. It’s also not only a home for music, but creation and community, as he uses the label to help provide funding for animal charities. With every release, they rescue a dog, and give the artist releasing on the label the opportunity to choose their own charity if they wish.
Key dates this year to come are multiple shows in Ibiza for Solid Grooves, Paradise and Abode, as well as  4 gigs in Mexico and South America.  His next 3 track EP ‘Slapfunk’ will be on Jamie Jones’s Hot Creations on the 8th September.

“Slapfunk EP” is out now!