The vinyl-loving duo of Viktor Talking Machine create extraordinary states of mindin the studio as well as behind and in front of the decks on a frequent and highly magical level. Their few but highly acclaimed productions are supported by the leading acts and run through the speakers of the finest underground clubs as well as on the big festival stages like the Tomorrowland Festival. And no doubt, their official remix productions for acts like Acid Pauli, andhim and Super Flu fit seamlessly into their high output.

Be it in clubs and festival stages or during their exquisite podcasts and multi-hour mixing sessions. Musical barriers and genre boundaries are non-existent in the vocabulary of the two artists – it’s the groove that matters. And so Viktor Talking Machine take us on mind blowing journeys through glittering Italo disco eras, pumping house parties and intense indie dance flash backs.

Their mixes are unpredictable colourful trips – which guarantee a mind-expanding and danceable effect. After podcasts for labels like Monaberry and Toy Tonics, party crews like Gouranga from London, Bordel des Arts from Berlin, Basement Ibiza, The Library from UK, Sicko Disko from Croatia and for our Lovecast, Viktor Talking Machine now present a permanent radio show at DATA TRANSMISSION to enlighten even more minds around the globe with their deeply digged tunes. This is where the magic happens.

Viktor Talking Machine