Dream weaving beat connoisseur Moomin releases the third sampler on his classic Closer imprint this week, encompassing a dynamic chill that falls easily on the ears and seduces the soul.

Frequent Swedish collaborators Art Alfie & Mr. Tophat introduce the package with strapping keys and ethereal utterances before Wun Two features his 3 gems, fringing on hip-hop feels through jazzy eccentricities and acoustic loops.

Keeping the downtempo, jazz driven, old school vibe flowin’ is German artist Flofilz, whose fleeting piano melodies and focused percussion will sweep you off your feet. Concluding experimentally, Hubert Davis fluctuates styles and instrumentation to round out these sultry selections.

Listen, relax, enjoy & PURCHASE HERE <3

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Art Alfie

Mr. Tophat

Wun Two


Hubert Davis