From our friends in South America, Savia Park releases an engaging new EP SP017 full of deep sounds and dark vibes. The Ecuador based label brings the soul into the music with nothing but positive impressions.

First up on the EP, get sensual with Jaen Paniagua’s “Touch of Class” which is filled with delicate chimes grazed over lusting vocals and deep tones. Then, pleasure dance floors with Delia Ros and Andromo’s “Take Me” bringing in those one sweet time melodies integrated with synthesized intonation. Slurm, label cofounder, gives us the track “Empty Signal” which is a power house that builds up with a catchy melody, a great climax, and soothing synth tones. Satom brings this climactic EP out with a bang in “Energia” weaved with spiraling tones, kicks and hits. This EP has a refreshing variety of tracks to delight many tastes.


Artist: Jaen Paniagua, Delia Ros, Andromo, Slurm, Satom
Release Date:
Label: Savia Park
Label:Catalog No: SP017

SP017 – Savia Park
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Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor