[New Release]  While their paradise party  is going off at DC10 in Ibiza, the rest of us get a taste of what Hot Creations are doing with their latest Paradise Summer Sampler release.  As always Hot Creations are looking for the next sound and are forward looking in this newest release. Denney, Mark Jenkyns, and Hunter_Game deliver on all angles and make this new release an instant classic.

The first track from Denney, ‘Ultraviolet,’ is a tantalizingly deep track with its huge bouncing bass line, prominent stabs, and great use of delays and reverb which will surely get you right into the groove.  With the second track, Mark Jenkyns delivers with ‘Wind It Back’.  It boasts enticing vocals, sexy use of keys, and  a carnal bass line, and this jam is sure to heard in clubs and on dance floors everywhere.  The final track, ‘Don’t Feel The Presence,’ by Hunter_Game is the perfect ending to this record.  With its deep groove, soaring syths, dreamy vocals, and fluid melody,  this jam is truly enchantin.

Overall this is another classic release from Hot Creations.  They always seem to know what we want musically and always know when to drop it.  All the artists on this sampler release amazing tracks and I expect for them to get lots of playing time among many of your favorite DJs.  As always, we look forward to anything from Hot Creations, and make sure you keep an eye and ear open for the artists off this release ’cause they are definitely ones to watch.




Artist:  Various Artists
Title:  Paradise Summer Sampler
Label:  Hot Creations
Catalog No.:  HOTC023


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