[Release] OFF Recordings continues with their steady stream of quality records, this time blessing us with a compilation of tracks from some very talented artists.

First up is HNQO. With their debut EP on Hot Creations causing such a stir earlier in the year and their track “Point of View” in pretty much every mix and live set worth listening to, it’s no wonder OFF reached out to them. “As I See” is a fun, groove-laden track, moved along by an understated rolling bassline and a variety of synth sounds, from quick and twangy to long and drawn out. Vocals from BIP add another great layer to the track, perfect for singing along to.

“Destruction,” the records second track, comes to us from Le Vinyl, Javi Bora, and Melohman, a trio that has worked very well together in the past, dropping EP’s on Liebe Detail and Defected. Their contribution to the OFF compilation is straight house. A monotonous, but far from boring, beat moves the song while a dark aggresive vocal repeats, making for a very hypnotic and late-night feel. Light synth stabs are peppered throughout the production to give the song a little flavor, but it’s heavy bass and percussion that are the real meat and bones of the song.

S.K.A.M. and Hector Couto, two internationally known DJ’s and producers, team up for “Mantra.” Nothing short of a dance floor bomb, “Mantra” drops the bass in hard and heavy and only slows down for the break to let vocals shine through. But while the bass may be heavy, the details in the song – the soft, dreamy synths, the easy-to-miss bells in the background, the organ stabs – all these give the track a smooth, mellow undertone as well.

Dutch artists Detroit Swindle provide the cut to the already superb record. While they may be Amsterdam born-and-bred, the duo certainly live up the city they took their name from and “The Standards of Dialogue” proves that. A crisp old-school beat provides the foundation for the song, complimented by a head-bobbing bass line and interjected with jazzy saxophone, giving the listener a wide sampling of Detroit sounds.

It seems OFF Recordings releases a new record every other week, and with this consistency in both quantity, and more importantly, quality, each one is more welcome than the last. And while we look forward to individual EP’s from the label, compilations like these are always a special treat when they come around.




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