“Void & Dark” is the first double A-side single from Uner under his NIN3S pseudonym, taken from the forthcoming two-part album “Beginning”.

“It’s been a very gentle process of composing on my piano and letting the feelings flow, thinking about every single step of the “creation” and giving the entire composition personality through every moment of the event.”NIN3S

An ethereal sonic soundscape that marks a fresh creative chapter for NIN3S, “Void & Dark” is the new double A-side single from one of Spain’s most forward-thinking artists. Taken from the forthcoming two-part album “Beginning” which tells the story of creation, “Void & Dark” sets the scene for an epic aural interpretation of the very essence of human nature.

“NIN3S was a new beginning – the beginning and the end at the same time; it is the most “me” in terms of music, composition and personality. No boundaries, not defined by gigs and clubbing, not defined by anything but to make music from the soul.” NIN3S

With the beautifully melancholic piano that leads the original version contrasting with the urgency and growling electronic synths of the NIN3S Revision, this is the first chapter of a two-sided story that will pair with a brand-new live show to push boundaries both acoustically and visually. Written as a heartfelt, downtempo piano album, each track from “Beginnings” is paired with an electronic “Revision”, providing a completely new perspective on the NIN3S project that reflects the artists’ roots in club culture, and feeds into the forthcoming live A/V show.

“The first version was the piano version – the other one is like the “other side” of NIN3S, taking my background in electronic music and giving it a different perspective. It’s like Ying and Yang, day and night – different energies and, of course, two different versions for the live show that allow me to play the same track from a completely different perspective.”NIN3S

An ambitiously creative project that is steeped in storytelling, “Void & Dark” is a creation of both sight and sound – a taste of a much bigger sonic offering through the forthcoming album “Beginning”, and a completely original live show that promises to reflect the scope of one of life’s most esoteric mysteries.

NIN3S – Void & Dark is out now