Defined as one of the five basic tastes that a human can experience along with sweet, salty, bitter, and sour; Umami delivers a ‘pleasant savory taste’ straight into our mouth hole. Pleasant indeed is the German duo bearing the flavorful moniker, with Robert and Sam consistently keeping their production fresh and interesting while connecting emotionally with their audience.

Anschein Boulevard is a tremendous release, celebrating the boy’s first full EP via the KaterMukke clan. Walking the line between energetic tech house and progressive techno, each track is exceptionally different from the next. Crafted with electrically charged melodies and funk laden undertones, the release makes dance floor annihilation its main priority. With one of the most unique breakdowns in recent memory, “Shwarz” is in the running for one of our favorite tracks to come out this year, taking the typical tech house formula and injecting it with a massive amount of soul and just a pinch of Umami flavor.


Artist: Julian WassermannBeataminesUmami
Release Date: