We invited UK duo Trutopia to give us 10 tracks that they’re feeling at the moment following the release of their latest single, ‘You Move’ Ft. James Yuill OUT NOW on their Night Mayors imprint. Here’s what they picked!

1. Trutopia – You Move Ft. James Yuill

Our brand new single You Move Feat James Yuill out now!

2. Hillel Shabtai – Testimony

Testimony is a bit of an unheard gem we picked up diggin through promos. When the B line first hits it completely changes the atmosphere of a crowd & grabs their attention immediately.


3. Niles Cooper – Vibrations (Niles Cooper’s Batman & Robyn Mix)

This ones been tearing it up in our sets across the summer, perfect blend of 90’s feels with the M1 & vocal chops.


4. What U Want (Chris Stussy & Djoko Remix)

Big fans of both Chris Stussy & Djoko & they’ve done wonders coming together with this one.


5. Azari & III – Hungry for the power (Jamie Jones remix)

Classic JJ always comes out at the afters!


6. The Prodigy – No Good (Start The Dance)

Growing up on The Prodigy & luckily enough to have witnessed them live, they’ve had a huge influence on us both in our production & live performances.


7. Sosa – Its Time to Move

Wicked new one from Sosa, absolute stompa filled with attitude!


8. jamesjamesjames – My Purple iPod Nano

Its hard for a tune to sound so fresh, but this one has it all. Full of anticipation & its one that just keeps giving!

9. MJ Cole – Sincere

Garage classic with all the feels. One of our alltime favs!

10. Tech Support – Euphrates (System Olympia Remix)

This one really does do the damage, massive uplifting strings make way for a huge b line drop. Gonna be staying in our sets for a hot minute!