Tube & Berger are setting the bar high for new releases this week, dropping ‘Dis ‘ today on Suara.  After showing us their darker side on last month’s ‘Alien Dinner ‘, the boys have returned to their trademark sound with a little help from some friends.

Disarray ‘ is the perfectly executed melodic house that  T & B are so highly celebrated for, deep and driving with vocals from Judge that don’t just tug at your heart strings, but tear at them with both hands. ‘Dis Track ’ brings us an unexpected partnership with fellow German’s Robosonic, an upbeat tech classic with the perfect dance floor spark.  With a little hip hop flavor baked into the crust, dis is one collaboration you don’t want to miss.


ARTIST: Tube & BergerJ.U.D.G.E.Robosonic
RELEASE DATE: 2015-08-17
LABEL: Suara

Prendi  Mano