With their first solo release of 2015, the boys that are Tube & Burger have finally revealed to us how their production skills have reached otherworldly levels. ‘Alien Dinner’, out today on their own Kittball Records, is the quintessential T & B release. Absolutely oozing with sexy vibrations and organic rhythms that could only be accomplished by having some sort of assistance from extraterrestrial life, a standing meal with a group of aliens to exchange notes does not seem out of the question. The EP kicks off with ‘When They Come’, featuring some massively catchy chopped vocals and an escalating tension that keeps us nodding our head from start to finish. The title track ‘Alien Dinner’ pulls us in even further with its throbbing bassline and driving melodies that never let up. The blend of artificial and soulful vocals coupled perfectly with an arpeggiated chord progression become the perfect soundtrack for a voyage through space to meet our alien acquaintances.


ARTIST: Tube & Berger
RELEASE DATE: 2015-07-07
LABEL: Kittball