Polydor’s latest signing Truman unveil their debut single ‘Alligator’, out today.

A rousing, high-energy dance cut, ‘Alligator’ combines pounding drums, a deep, dirty bassline and the infectious “interior crocodile alligator” vocal sample, taken from the memeified track of the same name by Cleveland rapper Chip Tha Ripper.

An electronic dance music band hailing from Hackney, East London, Truman is composed of four flatmates who first began making music together during the early months of the coronavirus lockdown. Drawing inspiration from the virtual worlds they were all forced to inhabit, the four-piece delved so deep into internet culture that they can now only express themselves via memes and screens. The barrage of information that overwhelmed them during this period was what sparked the creation of the band.

A head-turning debut offering, ‘Alligator’ is an insanely catchy club jam that leaves a lasting impression.