Songstats is a cross-platform music analytics service for artists, labels, and industry professionals from the team behind 1001Tracklists. It is a system designed for mobiles that offers vital insights into how an artists music is performing based on data collected from leading streaming services such as Apple Music, Shazam, Beatport and Spotify.


Users who sign up are able to get notification when they rmusic is added to a playlist, get visualisation graphs that show growth, dig into interactive labels fir further analysis and generate custom artworks for social media platforms as well as much more. Right now, Songstats offers a free trial for all new users, and premium accounts can be shared across an unlimited number of team members at no additional cost. Head to for more then find out the top 5 reasons data is beneficial for an artist and why according to CEOs Evan Sacks and Oskar Eichler.


  1. Know who’s supporting you and acknowledge their support 
Be the first to know when your tracks are picking up support, and take it a step further by thanking supporters. From the Songstats app, you can auto-generate a custom sharing artwork for any accomplishment and share it directly to Instagram stories or other social media platforms. When you tag and thank these supporters, it provides exposure for them to your fans, which they’ll appreciate. And generally speaking, people enjoy recognition and thanks; doing this can help build relationships and increase the likelihood of future support. 



  1. Share accomplishments with your fans & boost your momentum
In the streaming age, it’s important to capitalize on momentum to be able to share with fans when you’re charting, supported by artists and curators, and reaching new milestones. With so many artists and tracks out there, sharing your accomplishments goes a long way in keeping your fans focused on what you’re doing, and you’ll build a long-term narrative that will foster sustainable engagement. 



  1. Track regional growth 
If you’re trending in a particular region, use this information to your advantage. This could signify that you are building a regional fanbase. You can aim to target marketing spend to these locations to further grow your regional fanbase, and you can also showcase this regional support to land gigs in the area. Also, if you know that related artists are strong in a particular region that you’re not yet in, this is an opportunity to begin building a market for yourself in this region. 



  1. Build and execute playlist strategy
If your tracks are being supported by certain artists or tastemakers, then you can use that information when approaching similar artists/tastemakers for the next release as an added form of validation and one that can help to get their attention. Building an effective playlist strategy is a key towards unlocking growth in your streaming numbers. 



  1. Have fun! 
You’re working really hard to put your music out there, and there is so much that goes into the planning for a release. Enjoy each of your accomplishments the moment they happen! Power your music with the moments that matter.