Tim Taylor is rapidly building a reputation for dark, raw and moody basement cuts, with releases on some of the most respected imprints in the game including Hot Creations, Deeperfect, Planet X, Revival NY and WhT NxT.

It was only a matter of time before Tim made the natural progression to launching his own imprint…
Raw Cuts is a new chapter and a home for his productions, giving Tim a space to experiment and showcase his inimitable talent. He launches the label with an irresistible double header of 80’s infused tech house cuts.

We sat down with Tim to find out more about his exciting new label concept Raw Cuts!


Hello Tim – thank you for joining us. Congrats on the launch of your new label. For those of our readers who may not know who you are please can you introduce and tell us a little bit about who you are?

Hi guys, thank you. I’m so excited to be starting the label! I’m a 23-year-old DJ/Producer (and some other bits) from Warrington, England. I have released on labels; Hot Creations, Revival, What Nxt, Planet X and more. I try to push new musical ideas and experiment with techniques to, hopefully, create new sounds.

Why are you choosing to set up a label now?

I have wanted to launch one for years and I feel I have so much music that I don’t think will fit on other labels. I started the label to be able to showcase some new ideas I’m working on and show people a wide range of sounds.

Why the name Raw Cuts?

I heard it a long time ago as a track title and it just stuck with me. When it came to naming the label I didn’t even have to think I knew that was perfect. The name really compresses the idea behind the label into two words. ‘Raw’ means it will have an edge to it and it’s just good music and nothing extra! ‘Cuts’ represents the use of sampling and cutting bits from vinyl, with it also having a double meaning as another word for a tune or track.

What kind of music can we expect from Raw Cuts?

Lots of different sounds and music, not just club-focused. I want to release forward-thinking music, express myself and bring new ideas and showcase real artist talent.

I want to showcase my wide and varied taste extending beyond music for the rave, when you’re driving to work, chilling at home, in the gym or anything in between.

I love listening to all sorts of music, not just dance music but the label will primarily be dance music. In the long term, I want to prioritise creativity over anything else with a variety of concept releases including albums, extended EPs, samplers and any other artistic idea that comes to me. A space with no boundaries for me to be creatively free.

What was the process behind making each of the tracks on the EP and what inspired these records?

THE FUTURE shows I’m not just about making glitchy club tracks. I felt like this has been done by Box Red and Nitecutz. These guys have it mastered, I didn’t want to encroach on their ideas. I wanted to start the label with something new and fresh, hopefully carrying it on into future releases. The Future is very synth heavy and is full of melody and harmony. Not something I think I would play out too much but it slaps in the car hahaha! I wanted the last build/drop to feel really powerful and almost like a Royal Blood ‘song’ (the second half of ‘Limbo’ to be specific) for this one. It really brings the energy levels up and gives the first release some more depth.

WAY OF LOOKING shows that I’m not going to be releasing super heavy synth tracks all the time haha. THE FUTURE is pretty out there and as someone who is known more for club tracks, I didn’t want to go too crazy. This track is more a display of sounds that I like, for the first release this was crucial. The label is really about showcasing the sounds I am into rather than pandering to trends.

Will it just be music from you or will you be accepting demos?

Currently it is just going to be music from myself while I get the sound of the label out there. I will definitely be signing artists in future but I just wanted to give a frame of reference for people wanting to send before taking any demos.

Any other upcoming producers we should be looking out for at the moment?

There are a bunch of up-coming producers I’m liking at the minute, Niteplan, Goosey, Chase West, Jack Hackney (who is a local lad near me, one to watch), and Murphy’s Law. There are so many more I could mention.

What would be your dream studio set-up?

Wow, where would I even start hahaha! I am a massive analogue nerd so I would love a big SSL desk, some outboard gear, lots and lots of synths haha, drum machines and lots more! Location wise if it was in the middle of nowhere I would be made up but if I lived in the city I’d more than happily have a space somewhere there. Then lots of plants and cool artwork.

What does the rest of 2023 look like for Raw Cuts?

Lots of new music coming out and some cool parties so stay tuned for news on when they drop. Very exciting times for the brand at the minute!

Thanks for speaking with us and we look forward to hearing more releases from Raw Cuts this year and beyond!

Thank you guys!

Tim Taylor ‘THE FUTURE EP’ is out on Friday 31st March 2023 on Raw Cuts. Check it out HERE!




Artist: Tim Taylor
Title: The Future EP
Label: Raw Cuts
Release Date: 2023-03-31




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor