Tim has been at the very forefront of the UK underground scene over the past 5 years. His off kilter grooves and ever-evolving house and techno sound has seen him release with the likes of Cocoon, Get Physical & Dirtybird. In 2013 Tim launched his first ever live show at the esteemed London Festival SW4 which proved Green to be a dexterous performer with plenty to say for himself, as does this new EP.

The lead track, ‘Helpless Sun’ is typical of Tim’s need to always surprise the listener, the track constantly evolves and changes in effortless fashion. Starting with lush guitar licks and atmospherics and quickly moving to growling baselines, broken beats, a humungous breakdown, 4/4 and to top it off an amazing vocal from the highly talented new vocalist Hayley Hutchinson. This is the kind of track 99% of producers out there wish they could make. The result is stunningly epic. Ryan Crosson is at the heart of contemporary techno as part of the Visionquest collective. The first of his two remixes totally deconstructs the original into a swelling and driving dance floor monster with plenty of tripped out vibes. The second, an ambient mix, does exactly what it says on the tin n its a celestial affair that suspends you in mid air as synth patterns unfold and indecipherable vocals ebb and flow at the core of it all. Rounding off the package, Tim’s second original on the EP ‘Seti,’ a lush and beautiful deep techno track with glowing harmonies and bright neon synths. A track that seems simple at first but on more listens proves to be as intricate and textured as its A side, constantly evolving throughout the build and crescendo’s.

This is another outstanding offering from Mr. Green. As ever this is a forward thinking package from MFR that proves Tim Green to be one of the finest craftsmen of the day.


Artist:  Tim Green
Title:  Helpless Sun EP
Label:  My Favorite Robot Records
Catalog No.:  MFR099