Tiger Stripes appeared on Full Body Workout Vol. 10 with his good-time-vocal track ‘Runaways’ – since then we’ve been gathering the best remixes and getting them ready for your ears. This is part 1 of a 2-part release with some great names and fantastic music. All of these remixes are so different from each other, it’d be hard to guess they all came from the same track – but that just goes to show what happens when great music is put in the hands of great minds.

First up is the always-astonishing Matthew Herbert with a rolling, bubbly, feel-good remix. He’s done everything right in this remix, changing the core atmosphere of the track and filling it with sunshine and happiness. A great start to a huge remix package. Next we’ve got a Jon Sine remix for you. If you know anything about Jon Sine, then you know what to expect here. Great percussion, great vibes, and deep synths – this remix is no exception. He’s done a beautiful job of adding that Jon Sine touch in his remix. Relative newcomer, Alex Dimou brings a heavy blend of deep & heavy tech house to the plate for his Get Physical debut. A great rhythm drives a deep bass line and an even deeper vibe to bring the late-night to a peak. And finally, Matthew Herbert supplies us with an instrumental version of his delightfully fresh, ultra-light remix. We’re in love.


Artist:  Tiger Stripes
Title:  Runaways (Remixes Pt.1)
Label:  Get Physical Music
Catalog No.:  GPM215BP

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