Memorial Day Weekend (May 21-25, Bradley CA) We all love Lightning in a Bottle. In fact, for many of us, it was our introduction to the ever-popular camping/festival experience. We’ve been around to see this festival change shape, locations, size and best of all, we’ve had the chance to participate in both the world of press coverage and as DJs. We are incredibly excited for this year’s LIB because they’ve put into play a few new additions to the already amazing music curation by including a Silent Disco by HUSH Concerts for after hours and a very special music area called the Favela Bar. They’ve also included several other music areas but we will only be focusing on these two, because they encompass much of the music we promote on this site, and the lineups are literally all our friends (and if they’re not our friends yet, they will be after this year’s LIB).


Favela Bar

The Favela Bar is now in it’s 3rd year of development, and we can say from the lineup, this year will be its best year yet. With so many of the Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco hometown heroes performing, the lineup is like a who’s who of the California underground dance community. If you’re wondering how this very special lineup was put together, you can just look to our good friend Patricio, and the creator of the Favela Bar, Carlos de la Torre, making it happen. Patricio has jumped on in the last few years as a music curator of this stage and together, they’ve taken a lot of time an energy and put it towards ensuring a great flow of music all weekend long. Crews involved include our Music is 4 Lovers/Lovelife crew and the Desert Hearts boys plus a handful of others.

Did we mention we will be bringing out a special guest too? We’ve got our good friend Pattern Drama coming in to play a very special set at 8:30PM on Saturday night. This is not to be missed!


Favela Bar Lineup

Silent Disco by HUSH Concerts

Now, if you thought the Favela Bar was good, then you’ll love some of the acts coming through this year’s Silent Disco! Every night into the early hours of the morning, we’ve got all kinds of great DJs playing from 12AM-6AM Thursday through Saturday. Take a look at the lineup below and make sure to go see your favorite artists!


Silent Disco Lineup


Lightning in a Bottle General Lineup

If all that wasn’t enough, check out what the main stages at LIB have to offer this year. The music is going to be incredible! And if you haven’t picked up tickets yet, now is your chance.



LIB Lineup


Hope to see you all out at LIB this year, it’s going to be the best one yet!