Thabo Getsome is a German producer who has made real waves in just a few short years. He now appears on the Cacao label with two fresh new cuts that come with a remix from Jesse Bro and Intr0beatz and show he has a special house sound that is filled with feelings.

The Flute is a timeless, hip swinging bit of house music. The drums roll deep and the claps really get under your skin. Keys ripple up top and are sure to get the party going. You Ain’t is heavier and more driving, with rubbery kicks and slick percussion bring the heat. Smeared synths stretch out in all directions and it’s a classy track that will really work the floor. The Flute remix by Jesse Bru is deep, laden with great string and plenty of spine tingling late night lushness, while Intr0beatz goes for something even deeper with golden chords and low slung bass all bringing a cosy and romantic house feel. As such this is a killer EP all round.

Grab it here – Beatport