I’m wondering if it is possible for anything poor quality to ever come out of an Âme or Dixon project, or especially an Âme + Dixon project, aka Innervision Records. The 43rd release off the label is slated to drop in June, both digitally and on vinyl and upholds their visionary track record. Ten Walls delivers dreamy and melodic beauty on Gotham. 

“Epos,” the first track off the EP, has an exotic desert theme, with a blasting, driving high bass that remind me of some of my favorite Âme tracks. The cascading scale of synths at the foreground push the record forward, making it the heaviest and most active of the three on the EP.

The title track has already been popping up in sets around the globe, with its slow and lonely melody penetrating moods and its depth propelling dance floor exorcisms. The break down is reminiscent of those nights you spend floating high and out-of-touch at trance festivals, but the maturity of this record leaves you blissfully nostalgic yet gratefully grounded.

The last track, “Moag,” is a release into the clouds, almost painfully slow, but its atmospheric elements and sweet melody create an incredibly satisfying limbo between reality and dreaming. Hollow, water-drop synths make up a simple four-note melody that works the foreground, while creeping, airy pads and a heavy bassline fill the background.


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