Perfect Havoc label boss and producer Adam Griffin is making a pleasant habit of churning out all-consuming dancefloor heaters. His latest collaboration, ‘Saved Me,’ which sees him join forces with the fast-rising DJ/Producer T. Matthias on 5th July, is another gleaming example of the pair’s infallible grasp of in-demand dance music trends as they showcase a depth of first-rate production skills and artistic vision.
Bursting with feels from the off, ‘Saved Me’ is a quintessential vocal-led future anthem. Orbiting a captivating vocal topline from UK singer/songwriter ALLKNIGHT (Jodie Knight), the track plunges the listener into a resonant fusion of heartfelt Piano House nuances and chunky, swinging grooves, primed for those ‘like nobody’s watching’ dancefloor moments or any go-to banger-filled playlist on repeat.
As we venture deeper into 2024, Perfect Havoc HQ is buzzing with excitement and newfound energy, and it’s evident in every upcoming track slated for release over the rest of the year which includes cuts from Todd Terry & Jannika Tenn and Kryder & Jay Robinson. With a larger-than-life sound and unmatched vigour, the independent label is now in its ninth year, and remains at the forefront of crossover house music, boasting over 10 billion global streams, six UK Top 20 singles, and numerous platinum, gold, and silver awards.

“Saved Me “ is out now!