Folkness, Soban & Nate Soon deliver storming remixes of Groove Armada classic ‘Superstylin’’

The release follows last year’s ‘GA25’ anniversary album, remixes from Logic1000, Dance System, and Ewan McVicar and the duo’s final full live UK tour.

Fresh from their recent Mixmag cover, celebrating the release of their ‘GA25’ album and their last ever UK live tour, Groove Armada enter 2023 with a set of killer new remixes of their iconic track ‘Superstylin’’, courtesy of the combined force of Folkness, Soban & Nate.

The release follows remixes from Logic1000, Dance System and Ewan McVicar last year and drops 10th March via BMG.

Folkness, Soban & Nate Soon are a four strong production team typically found as two duos. Folkness are long term friends Matt and Norbert with a foot firmly in jacking house and disco and releases on Nervous Records, Downtown Underground and more. Soban & Nate are Polish brothers, groove-tech house aficionados, and residents of Off Granie and Pacha Poznań. This mighty combined force treat us to both a massive remix and an extended cut. Taking Groove Armada’s masterpiece to irresistible classic house territory, the quartet touch both vintage Sound Factory energy, with Rhodsey keys and soulful vocal stabs, and an unmistakable UK house feel enveloping MC M.A.D’s original vocal in nostalgic piano chords and propulsive beats, delivering ‘banger’ in spades.

After their recent Mixmag Lab, it’ll come as no surprise that embracing their DJ roots is a key focus for Groove Armada this year, and these huge remixes are both set-list gold and yet further proof they mean business in returning to the club. The new ‘Superystylin’’ remixes will be earning as many new fans on 2023’s dancefloors as the original did 20 years ago, opening an exciting new chapter for the iconic duo that both honours the past and celebrates the future.

Folkness, Soban & Nate Soon say:

“The remix is kept in house style, specifically UK house with a touch of garage rhythms. Inspired by the bassline from the original version of Groove Armada, we decided to give a new shine to this immortal track that is Superstylin’. Energetic bass and climatic synthesisers give the whole a unique atmosphere. The highlight of everything is the legendary vocal from MC M.A.D.”




Artist: Groove Armada, Folkness, Soban & Nate Soon
Title: Superstylin’ (Folkness, Soban & Nate Soon Remix)
Label: BMG
Release Date: 2023-03-10




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor