After 3 years since his last release, Martin Stimming has brought us some very original and intricate tunes. Isolating himself with loneliness, in a far off land in the Italian Alps, he created this respected work of art. Released on Stimming’s home label, Diynamic Music, which is known for delivering the highest quality of house music from around the world by some of the best producers in the game. This one is a huge release for this label! Stimming uses a precious array of various recordings of water, wind, thunder, parking lots, and more on top of his groovy house beats.

This well-developed Alpe Lusia album is a journey from start to finish. Even the names of the tracks explain parts of the trip. “Prepare”  starts it off with a beautiful melody of keys that transgresses with a bubbly beat with a classical feel. “Pressing Plant” picks up the pace with a tripped out bouncy beat with cries of horns. This track can raise the hairs on the back of your neck. But relax, because “Trains of Hope” is soft, full of chimes and sends whispers like a singing wind. Then enter the “Parking Lot” with a stomp beat that growls like an engine with the delicacy of dancing horses.  “22 Degree Halo” which has tightly entwined strings circling at various pitches and boings as the fairies come in and sing to you like a joyous chorus. “For My Better Half” rings like a phone with a rift of sounds, topped off with a talking muted trumpet over a solid beat.  “Symphorine” has the sound of a symphony that is playing a house track for all the children to come out and play. “Tanz Fuer Drei” has a raw drum beat that calls out for the instruments to join. Slowly, but surely, the classical piano comes in so sweetly. The dynamics of the softness that rides over the hardness in this track is quite peculiar.  It’s like the dark meets the light and joins as one of the same. “Saibot” articulates through the melodies with swift strokes. You can faintly hear the wind as it whispers the sad cries on earth. You can almost feel the isolation that Stimming may have been feeling at this point. Lastly, “Alpe Lusia” wails out of the journey with an intense formation of strings and voice. There are so many subtleties that lie within the walls of the album. It is a masterful creation of music. I recommend turning off all distractions and zoning into this intelligently composed album


Artist: Stimming
Release Date:
Label: Diynamic

Stimming – Alpe Lusia

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Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor