Stereo Underground is a master of melodies and widescreen sounds. He now lands on the Balance Music label with a new album that shows off his rich array of skills. It finds the Israel born artist exploring deep moods and grooves and builds on previous success in fine style.


“An album, in my opinion, is the holy grail for a musician” says the artist and that is what he serves up. After a cinematic ambient opener, The Art of Silence sinks you into a soft and sublime groove and Above the Sea of Fog is a delicate dub cut with deft synths and whisky chords.


The likes of Lost in Words build the pressure with big walls of synth that wash over you like clouds, then cuts like Technomalya offer succulent deep techno drums that carry you away. Always showing great pace and a sense of space, the artist hypnotises you masterfully with his music.


Over the 11 tracks here, Stereo Underground really showcases a master of various different sounds that stand up to close headphone listening as well as getting you in a groove.


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