King Solomun has done it again! The mastermind behind Diynamic Music and current Ibiza / BBC Radio 1 resident is back with a monumental three track EP that proves once again why he is widely considered one of the best producers in the game.

Most producers create tracks. Solomun is not most producers. With all three songs approaching the ten minute mark, ‘Zora’ can be more closely compared to a tale of epic proportions than a typical EP. With each track titled in Croatian, ‘Zora’ or ‘Dawn of the day’ begins the journey with a slow and steady rise,  tantalizing our senses with heavenly strings matched with buzzing and oscillating lows that play off each other perfectly. ‘Fantazija’ or ‘Fantasy’ is another tension builder, layering futuristic synths between skittish percussions that rattle around inside our skull. ‘Nada’ or ‘Hope’ starts organically with billowing bass guitar pulls and dancing strings before swinging into an emotional  groove that only Solomun could pull off.


ARTIST: Solomun
RELEASE DATE: 2015-07-31
LABEL: Diynamic