Curated by Seb Wildblood – all my thoughts – volume one, is a sonic snapshot of where the imprint is currently at and the direction it’s heading in, featuring several key label artists and welcoming a bunch of new artists to the label including the likes of Project Runaway, Jenifa Mayanja, Closet Yi, Ouri, Aguila & more…

First up is Gothenburg based Ebende with downtempo excursion ‘Road Trip’, before emerging Seoul producer Closet Yi’s ambient cut ‘Bird Emporium’. New all my thoughts signee Mauv is up next with a new track entitled ‘Middle Man’, featuring Mauv’s distinctive vocals alongside an electronica-tinged, post-punk riff. Olsen ups the tempo with the upbeat, breaksy ‘Radient Omen’, before an infectious percussive number from Israel duo Project Runaway entitled ‘Export City’. Bumako Recordings head honcho Jenifa Mayanja steps up next with ‘Inbetween’, showcasing her distinctive sound which has earned her the title of ‘the First Lady of deep house’ setting the tone for Parisian producer Aleqs Notal’s smooth cut ‘Numa’.

Stepping up after is all my thoughts mainstay Tom VR, with his trademark style on full display in ’The Gradual Change’, before Montreal based artist Ouri’s ‘Gay Sound’ brings forward a sound drawing inspiration from the post-dubstep era. Aguila’s euphoric house cut ‘For Small Rooms’ creates a warm nostalgia reminiscent of the dance floor, before San Francisco based CM-4’s jungle influenced ‘Heil Coil’ drives the tempo up further. label alumni U-I is up next with spacey, atmospheric cut ‘WTF’, before Valya Kan’s ‘Ice Birds’ mellows the tone with soothing melodies and comforting notes. The penultimate track ‘Last Summer Sunday Ambience’ from German duo Rossum Universal Tracks is an ethereal, astronomic cut – an ambient soundscape that takes the listener orbiting through space. Closing the compilation is label head Seb Wildblood & Queens’ artist Deem Spencer’s first collaboration together, a track combining Seb Wildblood’s dreamy production alongside Deem Spencer’s melancholic lyrics and distinguishing style entitled ‘Take Your Time’.

all my thoughts – volume one is a patchwork of the imprints’ individual yet diverse style, comprised of multi-genres created by musicians, producers and artists from across the globe. The compilation is out on all platforms today.