Scottish producer, Sandeman, creates a mega tune for Get Physical‘s Ibiza 2016 compilation. Out exclusively on Beatport May 27th!

Stuart Sandeman, now known as Sandeman, established himself as a member of the Wildkats outfit with material for the likes of Hot Creations, AVOTRE, Made To Play and of course his very own You Are We imprint which he co-founded. Following from last years EP with John Monkman for Crosstown Rebels sub label Rebellion, Stuart returns under his Sandeman guise with a new composition and new musical angle for Get Physical.

‘No More Conversations’ sees Stuart embrace a brooding, raw and dark feel via bumpy rhythms, gritty dub stabs and rumbling sub bass alongside a constantly wandering and modulating arpeggio synth lead and sporadic bass as the record unfolds into a peak crescendo of glitched out synths and heady percussion.

Sandeman’s ‘No More Conversations’ is out on Get Physical 27th May 2016.

Read interview below to learn more about Stuart Sandeman…


Sandeman – No More Conversations [Get Physical Music]

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Interview with Sandeman

What’s the story behind “No More Conversations?”
I’m pretty pleased with how No More Conversations turned out; it’s a bit of a bomb and has been going down well in my sets. I wrote it during a very challenging time in my life. The intense build up, trippy wandering arpeggiator and chaotic bleepy sounds definitely reflect that. I find that making music is like a therapy, an avenue to express emotion, whether that be joy, pain, frustration, chaos, beauty… whatever it is, its a representation of where you’re at, so channeling that energy creatively is liberating.  It’s such an honour to release with Get Physical Music again, a label I have a lot of respect for.

How did you link up with Get Physical?
My initial link up with Get Physical was down the regular route. I sent some demos out to their label boss Philipp, crossed my fingers, said my prayers and voila, he got right back! It often feels like your demos are sent to the abyss when you send them to bigger labels without a hook up, but I guess this is a testament that it does still work. My history with Get Physical goes deeper than my releases though. The label was a huge influence for me in my early DJ days. Back in 2003 tracks like DJ T – Freemind and Bite, really paved my musical direction, so it means a lot to me to now be one of their artists.

What does your creative process in the studio look like? Any rituals?
I am really in the flow right now, I put that down to giving myself a bit of structure to my daily routine, something that was difficult to do last year. Daily morning exercise really sets me up for the day also have a regular meditation practice which gives me focus and keeps me in check.  The actual studio process really depends what I’m working on. For new tracks I usually lay down some drums and start playing around with sounds and let the journey take its own route. I bought some new Roland gear a couple of weeks ago, TR8 and a TB3 – a lot of fun to jam with. Playing with new toys and sounds definitely ignites creativity and workflow.

What’s on the horizon for You Are We?
The You Are We team has been busy; we launched our summer series of London events this month. The 1st was a real smash of a day event with Maxxi Soundsystem. Our next event is July 2nd with Audiojack and local London hero Geddes. Have a few more London dates for the summer and programming a stage a Hidden Village festival. On the label side of things we have an EP from one of our residents and good friend Adam Curtain and another from Alexis Raphael to drop this summer.

What cool gigs do you have coming up this summer?
Got a Wildkats Brazil tour in early June. Then its Europe hopping for the summer with gigs in UK, Ibiza, Iceland, Portugal and a few fun festivals like Fusion in Berlin.


Artist: Sandeman, Various Artists
Title: Ibiza 2016 Compilation
Record Label: Get Physical Music
Release Date: 27/05/16

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Jimbo James
Managing Editor