Australia’s premiere Sunday event, S.A.S.H has shifted from their parties to all hours of the day music broadcasting while the doors of their venues are closed during lockdown.

Drawing hundreds of hours of recordings from across the years and casting their networks between  Australia and globally, the Sydney-based brand will now provide on-demand music and video broadcasting for the length of the lockdown period and beyond.

Channel 1 will provide 12 hours of pre-recorded music daily from S.A.S.H locals and internationals, give days a week from their Sunday events and over the past five years.

Channel 2 will showcase a daily 3-hour DJ set of audio and video from Monday to Friday with Saturday’s hosting two of Australia’s and international talent.

Channel 3 will broadcast only on Sunday replicating S.A.S.H with four DJ sets spanning eight hours of music and video from local and international guests to fill the void for those missing their Sunday fix.

The streams will be accessible for free until the 27th April, following on they will be moving on towards a donation subscription for  as little as $1.25 AUD a week.

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