Just over a year after ‘Rumbala,’ All Day I Dream stalwart Roy Rosenfeld brings his expertise to the label once more with a three-piece ‘Lift Of Love.’ The EP also comes with a fresh collaboration with fellow friend to All Day I Dream, Sébastien Léger.

Roy stitches a patchwork of emotion together in ‘Life Of Love,’ commencing on the mystical side with layers of rhythmic percussion and subtle sound effects floating beneath a distinctive hook. With Sébastien Léger, “Veetoo” offers a cheerier listen, uplifted by fluttering analog synth riffs and ethereal vocal effects. The dulcet analog tones continue in ‘Honey,’ whose airy chord progressions and softly padded harmonies take center stage—establishing it as a sentimental closer to ‘Lift Of Love’ and a piece that ties its themes together.

With a keen ear for melodic arrangement, Roy Rosenfeld rose quickly out of his native Jerusalem to become a globally recognized talent. His discography speaks for itself, with numerous releases on the likes of Kompakt and Systematic. In 2020, Roy has since debuted on Léger’s Lost Miracle and Guy Gerber’s Rumors. Outside the studio, he’s spent recent years entrancing fans around the world alongside his families of Lost&Found and All Day I Dream, or at parties like Tomorrowland, Do Not Sit On The Furniture, and Monochrome.