He might sound Italian, but Ronnie Spiteri actually hails from Southampton. He has been getting props from tastemakers such as Pete Tong and in summer he laid down slamming sets at Do Not Sleep in Ibiza as well as the famous Cafe Mambo. His next trick is a tidy two tracker on Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep in Sound label.

Up first is Multiply, a block rocking, heavyweight house tune with rock solid kicks. Around them, dubby chords ripple and rattle and a monologue speaking about kids turning small amounts of cash into wads by selling drugs is the centre piece. It’s a real groover that will force any floor into action. Revenge is then a little less tense and terse, with more emotive vocal calls adding a sense of soul to molten synth lines. The drums too are punchy and more house leaning, and the whole thing is filled with subtle euphoria that will get hands in the air.

Ronnie Spiteri – Multiply [Knee Deep In Sound][MI4L.com]

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Artist: Ronnie Spiteri 
Title: Multiply
Label: Knee Deep In Sound
Release Date: 2017-11-10