After just eight years of operation, foremost Mexican label Akbal Music, run by DJ and producer Robbie Akbal, is now notching up an impressive 100th release with this new EP from the boss himself. It features the vocal talents of famous contemporary singer Cari Golden and comes with remixes by Mexcian producer Louie Fresco, Grant Dell and Fabio Giannelli.Akbal Music has offered up great EPs that cover minimal, techno and house and include artists like Guti, Eric Volta, Patlac, Audiofly and Hector amongst many others. Boss Robbie, meanwhile, has also released on Meanwhile and Culprit and is a revered DJ and producer as well as a keen A&R.The lead single in original form is Im Just Watching, a low swinging house tune with deep chords, kinetic drums and emotive, sexy vocal intonations by Cari Golden, who has worked with Fur Coat and DJ T before now. Its the sort of subtly building groove that will really bring people to the floor and it brims with late night colour and seductive charm.Italian Fabio Giannelli, who is a Get Physical regular, flips the track into a more hypnotic, sombre affair that sways to and fro with wood block hits and a nice use of reverb. Its physical but heartfelt and really eases under your skin.Then comes the on fire Louie Fresco, who runs Mexa and has a long and fruitful relationship with No.19 Music that ended up in a debut full length recently. His Stomp remix is a no messing, physical and tough tech track with lots of layered up drums, percussion and dark vocals that are like paranoid voices in your head. Its a high pressure cut that will make floors sweat. Lastly, Grant Dell of Giant Sound and Tribalation flips the track into a groaning bit of late night funk with occult synth sweeps, curious melodies and elastic bass that all come together like a deep and dark disco track.There is something for everyone here and this contemporary house EP is a fine one with which to celebrate hitting the 100 mark.


Artist:  Robbie Akbal Feat. Cari Golden
Title:  I’m Just Watching
Label:  Akbal Music
Catalog No.:  AKBAL100