Dirt Crew are at it again this time with Lorenz Rhode and his ‘Sandpaper EP’. The German talk box wizard delivers four tracks and an exhilarating collaboration with the incredible Jamie Lidell. On ‘Sandpaper’, the Englishman now residing in the US, performs with an enigmatic energy, his soulful voice carried by a warm and playful house backdrop of Minimoog bass, Rhodes piano and a Roland synth.

‘On the Nightshift’ is a based on a spiraling chord progression that loops every three-and-a-half bars.

The remix of the title track ‘Sandpaper’ is by Sound Support and is the all new project by Lars Dales of Dam Swindle and Lorenz Rhode. On their rework, they take Jamie’s vocal through the roof to a more dramatic and electronic stratosphere. EP closer is an instrumental on the vinyl offering and a radio cut in the digital package.