[Release] The Sun has risen, its a new day, new life! The Moon then comes for its encounter with the sun where they will both integrate as one , this is called MoonSol, and the sound that resonates from is transposed by the natives as Music , forming MoonSol Music. I introduce you to this love synchronization . “2012 the year that the world began”.

Everything about this EP, from the tribal cover art to the tribal feel of the tracks … simply divine. This is the fourth release out this year from Germano Kuerten aka Mano, a Brazilian bred but Venice (California) based producer, out on MoonSol Music. The title track ‘Love in My Way’ was made for the dance floor. Deep but heavy vibes make it a height-of-the-night, let’s get them weird kind of track. The perfect combination of deep and heavy with a touch of tech make it a go-to track for the dance floor.

The EP features 4 remixes. The first from Torquato turns down the heavy and makes it a more light and airy deep track, better for sunset sessions. The next 3 remixes are from UGLH. The first takes it to a straight tech, hard hitting vibe with fast percussion laced, foot stomping beats. The second sinedub remix takes it tech as well, but, a bit more entrancing jungle vibe. The last remix keeps it deep but takes it to the eerie side, the weird side, my favorite side, with slowed down vibes, laced with sexual female moans, jungle congo rhythms, sporadic synths, and building up to steady tech beat. Uffffff, that sexy tool remix is my favorite for sure. Simply entrancing.


Overall, a well rounded EP really showcasing the depth of the track, delivering from deep to tech to jungle to straight up sex. We are definitely looking forward to what Mano and MoonSol have for us in 2013.



Artist: Germano Kuerten aka Mano
Title: Love in My Way
Label: MoonSol Music
Release Date: December 21
Catalog:  MSM005


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