[Release] Dark. Ominous. Deep. & Sexy. The latest release from FreakMe completely embodies that enigmatic unique MEXA sound. FreakMe, Italy’s finest export, is known for his quality productions, and this latest release is no exception.

While ‘Time Has Come’ keeps it creepy with mysterious synth clips and drawn out chords, the light and airy vocals keep it dreamy. Perfect for late night vibes or early morning dawn sessions.

The second track on the EP, ‘Some Might Say’ is a dance floor heater for sure. With a deep dark bassline laced with congo drum rhythms and sensually eerie vocals, this track is entrancing and elevating. A hard hitting percussion mid-track makes it perfect for getting the crowd going.

The third track ‘We Go On’ takes you higher with uplifting beats and happy but deep vibes. Distorted vocals and shoulder shaking beats get the booties droppin and hips moving. A catchy lil tune you can’t help but get down to.

The final track on the EP would have to be my favorite. ‘Confuzed’ captivates with mesmerizing female vocals, a classic deep bassline and catchy synth riffs. The vocals on this track are sinfully sublime. Dark and sexy.

As with anything MEXA touches, this release is straight gold. An impressive work from FreakMe. The entire EP embodies the perfect balance between deep, dark, and hard-hitting, while still light, airy, entrancing, and elevating.




Artist: FreakMe
Title: Time Has Come
Label: MEXA Recs
Release Date: February 4
Catalog: MEXA009