Ray Rose hails from the Dominican Republic and is an artist with a slick minimal sound. Form hose to techno he makes each style his own and he also plays with the Sheik & Beik collective round the world. Now on Boutique Bouquet he impresses once again. 

Opener Mimulus is the most heady and paired down of the lot. It has dreamy, balmy pads and knocking hits lulling you into the deep cut groove. Then comes Yellow Monkey, a more physical cut but one still made from an economical and efficient sound palette. Wanderer is the last offering and might be the best, with inventive sound designs, soft, rolling rhythms and a sense of purpose ad narrative that really keeps you hooked. It’s a fine end to a fine EP. 

Mimulus is out 30th November! Grab it here: https://www.junodownload.com/products/ray-rose-mimulus/3960946-02/?track_number=2